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FitbugLaunched in 2005, is 'your online health & well-being coach' - a service which allows its members to turn good intentions into action and take control of their lifestyle through both activity and nutrition management.

Fitbug is the ideal way to achieve your personal goals without dramatically changing your life. Fitbug combines a little gadget we fondly call the 'Bug', with a wealth of resources on our website

What makes Fitbug so unique is that there are no faddy diets or strict exercise regimes to stick to. You simply send us your achievements by connecting your Bug to your PC and we'll keep an eye on your progress. We'll set you realistic weekly step and nutritional targets to follow and even send regular texts and emails to keep you motivated.

Fitbug will help you make gradual changes to your lifestyle at a rate that suits you. That's why we have helped thousands of people achieve their personal goals and lead far fitter and healthier lives.

As well as providing feedback and motivation to assist individuals in the achievement of their goals, Fitbug's technology allows health professionals or other stakeholders to monitor and evaluate key health and well-being indicators.

Fitbug is sold through both consumer and business-to-business channels.

Key markets for Fitbug include private medical insurance providers, corporate well-being programmes, health & fitness operators, medical practitioners and, through strategic partnerships, leading players in particular markets or sectors.

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