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The following information is disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules (July 2016). These requirements were last reviewed and updated by the company on 2 February 2017.

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Mission Statement

Fitbug is a digital wellness technology provider for corporate organisations. Fitbug’s corporate wellness strategy is to generate ongoing service revenues from the use of its digital wellness technology.

Fitbug is working in a fast expanding market space, offering wellness services to a growing number of global corporate clients. Its goal is to help substantial organisations create a culture of wellness that increases employee productivity and reduces healthcare costs by helping to promote and engage employees in living a more positive lifestyle. Fitbug has created a simple, powerful and high value Digital Wellness solution that engages users by making this process personal and fun.

Additional Information

Country of incorporation and main country of operationUK
Traded on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange
Financial year end 31 December
Total issued share capital 1,731,366,968
Total Voting Capital1,731,366,968
Percentage issued share capital not in public hands 35.49%
There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities

Significant shareholders

As of 2 February 2017 Fitbug Holdings plc had been notified of the following holdings comprising more than three per cent of the issued share capital of the company:

Shareholder name Number of shares Holding %
Pershing Nominees Limited (Kifin Ltd) 70,000,000 4.04%
NW1 Investments Limited 506,000,000 29.22%
Rock (Nominees) Ltd 94,499,676 5.45%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Ltd 117,986,224 6.81%
T D Direct Investing Nominees (Europe) Ltd 91,807,352 5.30%
Barclayshare Nominees Ltd 67,428,654 3.89%
HSDL Nominees Ltd 77,873,848 4.49%

The total number of shares in issue is 1,731,366,968.

Directors shareholdings

As of 2 February 2017 the directors of Fitbug Holdings plc had interests in the following numbers of shares in the company:

Director Number of shares Holding % Number of options
Anna Gudmundson 2,400,000 0.13% 55,411,514
Donald Stewart 2,000,000 0.11% 14,776,404
Mark Ollila 2,000,000 0.11% 11,082,303
Richard Goodlad - - 11,082,303

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